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STARZCHAT is currently testing in limited deployment with selected users.

We intend to make STARZCHAT available to the public and available to selected organizations in June 2021. General worldwide public release for consumers and small businesses is expected in August 2021 at the same time as our family of XPLORE devices with satellite and DMR communication options.

STARZCHAT, is a ground-breaking communication platform combining secure, federated instant messaging with enhanced capabilities like Push-To-Talk radio communication, live video broadcasting, emergency location sharing and even satellite communications. Available in one easy to use application and service platform for real time communities and for critical communications anywhere.

Multiple ways of staying connected with friends and family

Suitable for consumers and professionals, our STARZCHAT app is available for iOS and Android, and Windows, Linux, macOS. It is free to consumers and small businesses for direct messaging, creating group channels, Video calling and also push to talk feature for everyone as current Apps in the market.

When combine with our XPLORE series smartphones range you can unlock more added features like DMR, TETRA, emergency location sharing with emergency services and body or head mounted live camera features and satellite messaging when you are unable to get regular network.

Built on MATRIX protocol.

STARZCHAT is built on the open-source MATRIX protocol which today provides federated, end-to-end encrypted, instant messaging to many organizations, government agencies and consumers. With more than 28Million users and 60,000 servers operating around the world today, the Matrix protocol is the best open-source real time communication protocol for tomorrow.

Open Communications Solutions.

Restrict your STARZCHAT community to approved users only, invite outside collaborators at any time or allow public members to connect with your organization. Our STARZCHAT platform is equally suitable for public facing communication or for secure private networks.

Our Public or Government cloud services are available in the US, France, Singapore and Australia with more locations available on demand. With open-source software that is vetted by recognized security organizations and the lowest cost in the industry, we can provide a rapid transition from older closed system and proprietary platforms. Because the future of communication is open.


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Instant Messaging, Voice, Video Calling

STARZCHAT offers instant messaging, group messaging, direct voice call and direct video calls over cellular network 4G/5G same as other popular chat Apps in the market.


Real time, low latency Push-To-Talk over 3G and LTE or via Digital Radio is a proven communication tool for many professional users. We operate voice and video servers across the world to deliver industry leading latencies and real time connectivity.

Satellite Messaging

This feature works if you own our XPLORE series smartphones range, with our Iridium satellite network integration, users can send a message with their precise location from anywhere on earth for the price of a roaming SMS. With coverage over 100% of the earth surface, this space-based communication service might just save the day. Or save your life by location sharing with emergency services.


This feature works if you own our XPLORE series smartphones range, by integrating DMR into our channel-based communication service, we make it easy to mix radio and LTE networks communications. Talk to your colleague via LTE while in coverage, or switch to DMR or TETRA at any time when cellular network is not available. Use UHF frequencies on land or VHF frequencies at sea. All with one app and one device.


 is a MULTIMODE COMMUNICATIONS APP by AdvanceTC Limited, Australia